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Herbastat formerly known as Immunistat
What makes us different is that we struggle just like you! WE are not alone. The creators of this Herbal Supplement take HERBASTAT daily. We also connect you with others that are currently taking HERBASTAT You can post questions and you will have answers from others who are currently taking the supplement, just like you.

What makes us different is that we want to be different.

We don't want anyone to be alone in this war against Herpes. Why should you be?

We are now Herpes Symptom FREE
Herpes no longer has power over us.

What makes us different is we no longer treat the Symptoms like everyone else, we treat the disease.

We don't want outbreaks…. so we treat the disease not the flare up.

The staff at HERBASTAT and your new community of HERBASTAT users will show you first hand how they follow the nutritional supplement plan and now feel better than ever.

That's what makes us different…. we care about you.

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